The right track

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The right track

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The brain has so many paths that there is always an interesting side road, just like life itself. Marcus takes a different path quite often, which suits him. What may be the right path for him may not at all be the right path for you. Marcus feels good about the path he has taken to do more than just make music. To contribute to a society in which each unique brain is optimally utilized, recognized and acknowledged. Marcus just gets very happy when he can contribute to these two dream destinations:

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- Challenging the brain -

1. How cool would it be if people used their own unique brains to the fullest by keeping as many brain pathways active as possible?

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- An inclusive society -

2. How wonderful would it be if people saw themselves and others as a fully valid part of society, regardless of brain functioning?

Marcus wants to reach his first dream destination through, among other things, his music. Reaching both destinations will require more than music alone. Marcus supports several projects and will keep you updated through his socials. 

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Music education programs

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Marcus supports elementary schools to help children experience that every brain is okay. The way our brains are labeled, shaped and challenged, by ourselves and by others, greatly influences our life and school paths. Marcus doesn’t need to convince education experts of that. Every teacher will always strive to bring out the best in each child.

Marcus believes that music education for elementary school consists of much more than just playing and listening to music.

Tell me more!

Marcus is working on a workshop in which, alongside various art forms, acceptance of one’s own and others’ brains is promoted in a playful manner. The piano music and the character Marcus, who also figuratively represents the paths of the brain, are the starting point. Marcus Hikren supports schools to let children leave elementary school with confidence in themselves and others, with an open view towards the future and their possibilities. Those possibilities are endless. And different for everyone.

Performance pressure

Education is the prime place to let children experience, through music or otherwise, what their own beautiful and unique brains are not capable of and thus prepare them for the society in which they are growing up. Children grow up in a performance-oriented society where expectations are high. Marcus, like every individual educator, believes that you need to look at what each unique brain can do and wants to contribute to society, rather than making the same sky-high demands on everyone. A pre-university advice doesn’t have to be the norm. Different brains with many different brain paths lead to many different school and life paths.

Brain and dance

Did you know that just watching dance makes your brain dance along? That by stimulating as many other senses as possible besides hearing, you keep more brain pathways active?