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Team & contact

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Erik Schurman

Erik sees brain paths before they are even created and is always on. He turns on even more from the Tom Kha Kung of his favorite Thai restaurant, the third blonde beer in the sun and freshly brewed coffee the morning after.

Erik composed all music and is the musical mastermind of Marcus Hikren.
06 – 24 85 92 33

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Simone van der Vorst

Simone receives a lot of stimuli that she always wants to steer in the right direction. She turns on extra or turns herself off by a glass of wine under any weather conditions and by silence, sea and forest. 

Simone is the conceptual brain behind Marcus Hikren and brought structure to all brain pathways and communication. 


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Pic-Reamon-Marcus Hikren-Contact & Team

Reamon van der Horst

Reamon van der Horst (OPZNKOPS) translated Marcus into visuals. He is the visual designer of the character Marcus Hikren, the artwork and the animations.

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06 – 49 72 82 27

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Mark Bruil

Mark Bruil keeps all brain paths open by nature. Mark doesn’t rest until he figures out how something works. He turns on even more to Erik’s spaghetti bolognese, ice cold Sourcy and grilled prawns from the BBQ.

Mark translated Marcus into sound. He is an expert in binaural recording and handles sound engineering during recordings and live performances.


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Marcus Hikren V.O.F.

Perenstraat 167, 2564 RX Den Haag
K.v.K.: 83890653
BTW: NL 863 022 716 B01