Marcus loves to invite friends to play his music together. Watch and listen as Frerick den Haan on piano, Patrick Votrian on flugelbone and Erik Schurman on bass bring Marcus’ music to life. 

Composer Erik Schurman - Marcus Hikren - brain and music The Hague
Red and orange balls-Marcus Hikren-The right track

3D audio binaural recording

Mark Bruil - binaural recording and sound engineer - Marcus Hikren
3D cubes-Marcus Hikren-Music
Red circle and blue half circle-Marcus Hikren-The right track
Orange circle-Marcus Hikren-The right track
Blue and red half circles-Marcus Hikren-The right track

Not only with his compositions, but also with the sound technique itself Marcus wants to set something in motion within you. He enjoys trying out new techniques anyway. That’s why he uses the binaural sound technique sometimes. He is working on a special environment for this on Soundcloud. He will let you know when it’s time to put on your headphones and listen to what happens!

SoundCloud screenshot - 'Slow' Binaural version - Marcus Hikren

Binaural means that your “two ears” each perceive sound separately. It is often referred to under the same heading as 3D audio. Not by Marcus. 3D audio and binaural, that’s not necessarily the same thing. Binaural sound recording is done with only two channels, a right channel and a left channel. 3D evokes the idea of supersonic surround systems. With binaural you don’t need that at all to experience an immersive sound. What you do need is a good sound engineer.

So binaural, not 3D. For the record. Marcus likes to keep things straight.

The binaural technique makes brilliant use of how your brain works. You don’t have to do anything for that yourself. Your left and right ear perceive different frequencies, which you do hear simultaneously. These sound waves overlap in your brain. From that, your brain makes a perception. Marcus is actually fooling your brain. He creates a fictitious world around you in which your sound image changes based on your viewing and listening direction. So he just pretends that you are in a space you are not physically present at all. Let’s broaden our minds!

3D cubes-Marcus Hikren-Music
Orange wobble-Marcus Hikren-The right track