About Marcus Hikren

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About Marcus Hikren

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Marcus Hikren is an initiative of Erik Schurman and Simone van der Vorst. It is an anagram of Erik Schurman and a virtual character designed by Reamon van der Horst. Erik Schurman is the composer of the piano pieces. He has a versatile career in the music industry as a successful producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, piano tuner and sound engineer. 

Erik wants to show from his personal background that music can help keep the brain stimulated. Erik, who has only known he has Tourette’s since the age of 46, is a living example of how “other” brain paths can lead to a content own life path.

Erik and Simone hope to break the stigma that unfortunately still rests on mental illness. They are convinced that both individuals and society as a whole benefit from each unique brain being optimally utilized, recognized and acknowledged.

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Erik is the face of the Tourettes Awareness Campaign “being slightly different is completely normal”.

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Erik now knows which paths he wants to take and is completely content with them. What applies to Erik with Tourette’s, applies to anyone with a brain that functions supposedly differently. People with a ‘different’ brain are not always seen as full-fledged by either themselves or others. There are billions of different brains with many different brain pathways, leading to many different school and life paths. But what is different? And what is normal? Labeling a brain, a life path, a school career as normal has the effect of making it a norm that you can or cannot meet.

With Marcus Hikren, Erik and Simone want to make a valuable contribution to a society in which every brain matters. You can read all about it in The Right Track.

Writing about Marcus Hikren in the media? Marcus understands that it’s nice not having to piece everything together yourself. That way you keep your brain paths free for the real thing.