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Your brain is a wonderful instrument. It has many tracks. Such as life. Fully use them.

Hi, I’m Marcus. Nice of you to look me up. Here you get a glimpse into my brain paths and where they lead. There’s a lot going on in that brain of mine. Just like in yours, probably. I’ll do my best to only let you hear, see and feel what stimulates your brain as well. 

Love, Marcus

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Marcus can’t actually make you smell or taste something here that triggers your brain. Try that out for yourself. Marcus would know. The Tom Kha Kung from his favorite Thai restaurant in The Hague. The third blonde beer in the sun. Freshly brewed coffee the morning after. You?

Wanna know what Marcus is into, besides music? On this website you can read about what triggers him and why.

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At About Marcus you can read everything about who Marcus is and what drives him. Marcus is first and foremost a composer of piano pieces. He has an excessive interest in the human brain. His own music and the brain go back a long way.

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Marcus wants to stimulate your brain with his piano music. Just by listening to music, he helps you find new brain paths. Thanks to the latest audio techniques, he sets your brain in motion without being traditional brain music.

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Marcus would like every unique brain to be optimally used and believes that every brain matters. Therefore he does more than just compose piano music. At The Right Track you can read how he uses sensory stimuli in primary education.